Things to Consider Prior for Singapore Tiling Contractor

Furniture should be on your own to do list. You will need to remove materials and all furniture and other items in which the installation will happen. Your furniture wills move, but there might be an additional fee for doing this. Before moving, you have to empty the contents of closets, china cabinets and storage bits that are similar.

Check for Climate Control

Remember that installation’s area must be climate controlled. Indoor humidity should be kept between 45-65%.

Dispose Old Flooring

You need to decide your flooring Will be disposed. We highly suggest that you check with your neighborhood ceramic tile shop about the price and the system of disposal. If you would rather remove your existing floor covering, do it at least one day before installation to allow for floor and cleaning prep. Please leave tack strips and pull the staples from the floor from the pad if you are removing carpet.

Singapore Tiling Contractor

Pay Attention to the Trim

In baseboards, moldings and many cases need to be removed for installation. Your installer can do and they will probably not cause breakage or damage due to wood that is brittle or dry. Woodwork, baseboards and paint may require after the setup is complete retouching. This will be your responsibility, if needed.


Your subfloor may need to be Prepared to get the ceramic, or a subfloor may be required. We recommend that you discuss this with your neighborhood tile county shop and that professionals do it. It is necessary that the subfloor level as possible and be clean.


tiling contractor in Singapore that are installing will produce waste. Typically these materials left at your garbage collection website and are collected by your installer. Check before installation’s day if there are any costs that are additional, and so that you are clear about the clean up .